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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tragedy sparks Innovation

A nearly fatal motor vehicle accident in 2001 landed the Stancil family with the decision to compromise quality of life for its new uncanny circumstance.   Ian Stancil my brother suffered brain damage and multiple fractures as a result of his injuries.  A few months into the accident everything moved very quickly as he was transferred from: acute care, rehabilitative care, home care, and today ongoing aggressive treatments inside and outside of the home.  The standard home to which the family was accustomed to living in had no longer suited the needs of Ian.  Adjustments, enhancements, and specialized equipment had to be integrated into the home.  Definitely, the equilibrium of the home and its dynamics were abruptly disrupted. This was all new to the family and much more it was an eye opening  experience.  We were then forced to educate and enlighten ourselves on this unfamiliar setting with efforts to maintain one’s equilibrium in life’s circumstances.  


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Home health care is expensive... Depending upon your insurer your cost may vary: Medicaid vs. Private Insurance... Home health aids ($10-$30 per hour), LPNs ($15-$40 per hour) and RN's ( $25-$55 per hour) these are the common professionals who work in the field. However government program do not cover RN's hourly wages in long term care/ home health- if the patients need exceed a certain care level it starts out of pocket expenses